Traditional Italian food at Christmas

The traditional Italian food at Christmas is made of a great variety of recipes and it is an example of the irreplaceable traditional Italian cuisine. It is difficult to refer to a single culinary tradition in Italy because every family, city, and region has its own typical Christmas dishes. There are those who prefer to meet for dinner on December 24th and those who choose to have lunch on December 25th. However, it could be said that there is a main and unique characteristic of Italian food at Christmas: abundance.


On the 24th, the Christmas Eve (la vigilia di natale) starts with the traditional cenoneliterally “the big dinner”. The Italian cenone has its rules, Continue reading

Best contemporary Italian writers

Reading the best contemporary Italian writers is a good idea if you are learning Italian. This will connect you with the Italian culture and some exquisite writings which if you are a more advanced student will help you improve your Italian level.


Some of the best contemporary Italian writers are listed below. Take a look at the list and get to know a bit about them. Continue reading

Italian colours and clothing vocabulary

Learning the Italian colours and clothing vocabulary can be a good strategy to improve your Italian level. Vocabulary is something you learn little by little and which is essential when you study a foreign language because it helps you make sentences, express your ideas and put the language into practice.


As you know, vocabulary lists can be very long, so in order to avoid being overwhelmed, it is important to first start with basic lists. So, don’t complicate things too much. As soon as you start using the Italian language, new words will automatically be incorporated into your speech. Here are two basic lists: Continue reading

Italian courses online with certificate

Contemplating learning Italian on your own is one thing, but enrolling on Italian courses online with a certificate is even better. No one denies that learning is something valuable in itself. However, a certificate endorses the knowledge we have acquired and can be useful to:

  • Get a better job.
  • Advance more quickly if you have an exam deadline.
  • Have professional advantages over other candidates who may not be certified, even though they know the language.


Enrolling on Italian courses online with a certificate shows a student’s motivation, because it is not only about learning Italian but also achieving a goal. The physical representation of that achievement is the certificate. It is the proof of all your effort. Continue reading

Italian-English False Friends List

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, every single day of the Italian learning process brings surprises. This time we want to give you an Italian-English false friends list in order to remind you that there are some Italian words that often cause confusion. The words we cite here are called false friends, so let’s explain what they are about.


Italian and English have many words which are similar in the way they are written but have very different meanings. Therefore, a person who is learning Italian can become confused, and may use them incorrectly. In a way, this gives us an opportunity to really explore the nuances of the Italian language. So have a look at the following Italian-English false friends list to get a clearer picture of what they are. Continue reading

Learn Italian fast with video tutorials

At Parlando Italiano you can learn Italian fast with video tutorials. No matter what your Italian level is or how much time you have for studying, video tutorials are excellent tools for learning a foreign language.  Even though it requires a lot of will and discipline, speaking Italian is something you can master easily by using video technology. In this way you can practice from home, watch your Italian teachers in your free time and learn Italian faster.


Nowadays learning a second language online is quite common and online courses usually employ video tutorials to assist learning. In our Italian language courses, we use YouTube video tutorials to review the information that our students have learnt in their Italian lessons. These videos are focused on grammar (adjectives, verbs, articles, etc.) and vocabulary and help students learn at their own pace while all this pronunciation and new vocabulary is imprinted little by little in their memory. Continue reading

5 Good Reasons to Learn Italian

If you are wondering “why should I learn Italian?” or “is there something positive about studying a new language?”, our top 5 good reasons to learn Italian will help you answer to your questions. There are many reasons to start studying a new language. Lots of people in the world undertake this task every day for personal, professional or emotional purposes. So, let’s see why you should do that too!



  1. You will learn a second language. First of all, learning a second language is very useful because it will help you have new job opportunities, meet more people, discover a different culture, etc. Moreover, while learning a new language you exercise your brain and keep it operating.

Continue reading

Best Online Italian Language Courses

Do the words buongiorno and andiamo say something to you? They sound like romance and smell like pizza because they are Italian words. Have you searched on the internet for Italian lessons without finding anything that fills your expectations? Today we want to offer you the best online Italian language courses affordable from the comfort of your own home.

best online Italian language courses

Nowadays, it is very important to communicate in several languages due to globalization and technology advances. Moreover, once you start studying a language, then you get to understand the culture of the people who Continue reading

How to say happy birthday and best wishes in Italian

Would you like to learn how to say happy birthday and best wishes in Italian? Today we are going to help you discover it with our new post. Learning a foreign language is always rewarding and with our Italian lessons you will have the opportunity to be part of a new cultural experience, getting to know a new country and its language: Italian. Our Italian teachers will help you in this amazing process.

how to say happy birthday in Italian

With the following sentences you’ll be able to say happy birthday, best wishes and other useful expressions that are very common in Italian. Continue reading

How to write a formal email in Italian

Today we are going to give you some tips about how to write a formal email in Italian. Do you want to apply for a job in Italy? Are you going to book a holiday apartment in an Italian city and need to get in touch with the landlord? Do you have to write a letter of complaint? There are thousands of situations in which you may find yourself having to send a formal email in Italian!

how to write a formal email in Italian

When you write a formal email you must have the vocabulary and structure under control if you want to be effective because, as you know, this type of writing is very specific and it may easily create the wrong impression for the recipient if you don’t know the essentials. To help you, our Italian tutors have developed a brief guide that shows you the basic rules of formal emails: Continue reading