List of common Italian verbs

A list of common Italian verbs can be very useful if you are learning Italian, as they are essential in order to formulate sentences and express yourself.

italian verbs

Italian verbs can be divided into three groups, depending on the last syllable of the infinitive verb ‘-are‘, ‘-ere‘ or ‘-ire‘ and can be regular or irregular.The list below will help you to memorise some of the most commonly used Italian verbs, but  if you would also like to put them into practice with a native Italian tutor’s help, you can do so very easily through one of our Italian courses. Continue reading

How to use Italian prepositions

If you don’t know how to use Italian prepositions and want to clarify your understanding once and for all, have a look at our Italian prepositions list below!

First of all, if you are wondering what prepositions are, they are short words used to link different parts of a sentence or clause. They are invariable and never changing and usually present a big problem for most foreign students, including those who have studied  Italian for a long time and have an advanced Italian level.

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