Italian courses in London for beginners

For those who have a potential Italian inside them and have always wanted to travel to this beautiful country to learn its language and culture, but never have enough time, we have developed our Italian courses in London for beginners.

Our private Italian classes are a top tool among our students, who find them really useful, and comfortable as well (they don’t have to move anywhere!).  These classes are based on the concept of interaction between students and teachers. Italian is spoken from the very first class. Continue reading

Basic Italian phrases for beginners

If you are learning Italian from scratch and would like to know some basic Italian phrases for beginners in order to have a simple conversation in Italian, have a look at our list below. Here you can find the most common Italian greetings and salutations, discover how to introduce yourself and learn some Italian phrases that are good to know. Continue reading

Learn basic Italian

Would you like to learn basic Italian? With our Italian lessons for beginners you can do it both easily and quickly. Our tutors, who are native Italian speakers and have a broad range of experience teaching Italian to foreign students, will design a course which will enable you to learn Italian at your own pace.

Contact us if you want more information about our Italian lessons for beginners. Continue reading