How to say cheers in Italian when drinking

how to say cheers in Italian

Are you learning Italian and do you want to learn how to say “cheers” in Italian? This article will discuss how you can do just that!

It is a well-known fact that Italians love a good glass of wine and it is therefore no surprise that there are a couple of ways in which to say cheers in Italian language. Let’s take a look…

How to say Cheers in Italian

The Italian word for cheers is either “Salute” or “Cin Cin”. This is usually followed by “alla nostra salute”, which means “to your health”. If you would like to make a toast, you would say “fare un brindisi”.

Italians love to say “cin cin” because it recalls the sound of glass touching when making the toast.

Salute” is the more formal way of making a toast and, similar to other languages, it literally means to your health. In some situations, touching glasses is not necessary when using this term. Salute is a versatile term and can also be used to say after someone has sneezed or is recovering from an illness. Generally speaking, salute is the perfect term to use whenever you want to wish someone good health.

Cin cin“, on the other hand, is a very widely used term and is pronounced as chin chin. It is a fun and more informal way of making a toast.

Italian word for cheers

Italian phrases to use in a restaurant

Salute and cin cin are very useful phrases to know as it demonstrates a sense of unity, especially when celebrating something. They are very special phrases in that they show that the celebratory feelings are mutual and shared amongst the entire group taking part in the toast. You can also discover how to say cheers in other countries.

If you would like to learn some more helpful Italian phrases to use in a restaurant, take a look at the previous link which will help you.

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